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This site was created as a safe space to interview New Yorkers and blog about my current musings & thoughts as I navigate life in the city. When I first moved to New York, I was blown away by the sheer number of people who left their families & homes to venture into a big, scary city to pursue their dreams & careers and loved hearing their stories through coffee chats or phone calls. Eventually, I decided to transcribe my interviews and post some of those chats on here for you to read.

These chats took place underneath the ground while waiting for the subway, in coffee shops, in apartments, Washington Square Park, and wherever else you may find a New Yorker. Along the way, I’ve met people I would have never otherwise met and learned some incredible stories. Not everyone I’ve interviewed is on this site, so if you are interested in a particular career or industry, please reach out to me and I may be able to connect you with someone.



This site was created because we all have a unique story to tell and I am fascinated by this rough, beautiful, and never boring city. Coming from different hometowns, backgrounds, colleges, most people in New York packed up everything and moved to this city for a reason. I want to write about everything I’m experiencing and witnessing in New York and share them with you.

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"One belongs to new york instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years."  



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