Stepping Stones


We do the things we do to get to where we want to be.

I was talking with a friend one day over a bowl of delicious udon noodle soup (NYC's udon game is so strong, you guys) and we mentioned one thing that stuck out to me long after the conversation was over.

My friend said, "I knew going into my job that I wouldn't like it. But I took it so I could get to New York. It was my foot in the door." She works long hours at a company that she wanted to leave on the first day, and yet it is worth it. This is where she wants to be.

Often times, we need to look at the larger pictures in life and swallow the smaller stuff so we can get to that larger picture. Things are temporary and if something is worth the trouble it takes to get there, I think you've found a special thing. (However we need to be cognizant that we're moving forward overall. So if moving to New York means +5 points and taking a job we might not love means -3 points, then we've still gained +2 points. And now we can work on fixing that job and finding a new one now that we're in the city.)

It made me think, though, how many times people sacrifice for the things they care about. Parents who immigrant to America for their kids. Coworkers who stay late so they can help their team members out. Husbands and wives who will travel 20 hours to see their significant other for ten. Life isn't about the destination as much as it is about finding things that make the journey worth it.

I'm in a city where people give up a lot to be here, whether it be their time, their money, their temporary happiness, their comfort. It's a lot easier to be at home nestled under the safety of friends and family and what's already known, but it's a lot more exciting to be here pursuing your dreams, your aspirations, your delayed subway train. A lot of people who move here are drawn to the city like a moth to a flame - you don't know exactly why you love NYC so much, but you know you love the energy. And that energy is enough to take that meh job or that meh apartment. To this day I would rather work this job and be in New York than have my dream job require me to be in a city that is not New York, which says a lot.

May we find more things that are meaningful and worthwhile to us in 2018.