The Journey

“I didn’t like New York when I first moved here. I mean, I’m paying expensive rent to work all day, but I've grown to like it a lot more.” - Friend

I've been in NY for two months now and the city has a different color to me - what was once bright and sparkly has simmered into something more meaningful and peaceful for me as I've fallen in love with things that aren't tangible in the city, such as nights with friends, 5 am chats with my roommates, walking around at night to my Spotify playlists. In between the glistening rainy days where the sidewalk shows you New York's reflection and warmer, perfectly sunny days that allow you to properly explore all day without breaking a sweat or a chill, New York has grown more comfortable and snugly like a leather jacket that has stretched to fit your body.

I've met people who don't like the city; I've met people who love the city. One thing is certain, though - the people who flock here surely are interesting, no matter what profession or age they are. I've grown to appreciate my neighbor who always picks up my packages for safekeeping for me - no matter how many days later I eventually arrive to claim them - and my commute on the subway. Seeing people of all walks of life on the subway is something that I know I won't be able to see later on.

Life is a journey, though - an upward progression of moving up and going forward. Every one I know in New York wants to change jobs. I'm not sure if it's the culture (long hours) or the pay (one feels like one could always be making more) or the fact that there are a billion job postings at any moment in time, but if you mention that you want to get a new job, whoever you're talking to is most likely going to agree with you. It's a way to bond.

One thing about the city though is that I'm never bored. Even just walking around or visiting coffee-shops by myself is intriguing. Just being around other's people's energy is infectious and gives my often-bored/distracted mind something to focus on. I do actually really love this city and what it has to offer.

If my first few weeks here were 'absorption', these upcoming weeks are 'digestion'. I've absorbed the initial excitement and am now digesting everything that I've been exposed to since moving here. I'm digesting the streets, my job, the fact that the weather is getting colder and that people are both happy and lonely here (but always hardworking) and that relationships and friendships mean more, matter more, because it's called a lonely city for a reason. But somehow, I am less lonely here than I ever was in Texas. You might have less friends, but the quality of time spent is greater.

I walked around Williamsburg the other day with a good friend in the cold and rainy weather. Amidst the chilly rain hitting us from all directions, I realized that even through the suffering, I was having a lot of fun. Because this city is about exploring and adventuring with good friends and when you have them, nothing is too bad or insufferable - and that goes for life as well.