Mentorship is Key to Life

In life I have always tried to seek out mentors or people that I can learn from. One of the things I love about NY is the endless opportunity for growth and knowledge from those who have tried it before you. It’s why I love reading and talking to people and one of the recent things that I’ve been in love with is Merit.

I first discovered Merit on Twitter. Someone that I followed liked something that one of the co-founders had tweeted and I went down a rabbit hole of discovery. It took me probably 1 second to decide to sign up for the intro video call and once I talked to the co-founders, I felt like the whole process was very seamless.

In their own words, they describe Merit as:

"Merit connects learners to expertise to grow their craft, team and career. It is as simple as picking a topic, coach and scheduling a video call. Merit is free to use. Merit is for junior to mid level designers, engineers and product managers. Our experts are senior leaders in design, engineering and product. They volunteer a few hours a month to practice leadership, teach the next generation and grow their network.

If you are interested in using Merit, the next step is having a 30 minute video call with us. During the call we will explain how the platform works, understand your career goals and see if Merit is a good fit for you.

Please use this link to schedule time with us."

Merit was created by co-founders Kirk and Randy who have worked in tech for a while and had a mission and goal to make coaching and mentorship more readily available to everyone who seek it. In society, knowledge and coaching is sometimes kept within certain groups of people who help each other succeed while leaving others out and Kirk & Randy want to break that mold. I noticed while interviewing that those who get the job do so by seeking out mentors and coaches and afterwards, while in the job, they succeed by seeking out advice. The whole process of learning from others never really stops, no matter what stage of life you are in. There are tons of coaching companies out there who charge upwards of $250 a session and Merit is absolutely free. The only thing required is that you show up willing to learn and open up about what you are seeking help with.

After each session I feel like I’ve had some kind of takeaway that I can use to apply to my life not just in my career but also in life and as a human being. As someone who is the oldest sibling, I sometimes feel like Merit is the older sibling I never had. Along the way, I feel like I’ve not only gained mentors, but also senior peers/friends that I highly respect and inspire me. Tbh, I feel really grateful to have been an early adopter and to have found this company at the time that I did. It has helped me tremendously in this transition period in my life.

I believe that friends and family members can mentor each other as well, but in terms of getting specific within design, engineering, or product, it’s nice to have people who have already done the role, experienced the situations, grown, and can now let you know their side of the story.