Help me: the process of a 52 Stories interview

So up until now the process for 52 Stories has been like this:

  1. Interview the featured person for one hour or more

  2. Either transcribe the audio by hand from scratch (if the audio is bad quality aka most of them unless i phone interview) or run the audio through Descript (if it’s a phone interview)

    1. Transcribing the 60+ min interview takes me probably two hours because I edit along the way

    2. Editing a Descript translated interview takes two hours because there’s no punctuation and ¼ of the words are incorrect and another ¼ of the words are missing.

  3. After that, I read the interview again and edit for clarity. I want my interviewers to sound as intelligent as they do in person and sometimes converting voice to text creates an answer that sounds too colloquial. So I go through again for another hour to make sure it sounds good through text.

  4. Then I send it to the interviewee and ask them if they want to edit any phrasing for publication. They usually do. This process takes a week to turn around on average.

  5. Finally, it’s been approved for publication by the interviewee and now sits on 52 Stories.

So as you can see...this entire process is taking too long. I have thought about cutting out the massive amounts of edits. Maybe I will just post earlier? If anyone is reading this, what do you guys think? Where are some points in the process where I could quicken this process and make it more efficient?


Let me know in the contact me form! Thanks!