Thoughts on New York - June Update



Now that I've lived here for quite some time, I have a few updates on what I think about living in New York:

  • I am no longer enamored with the MTA subway. Actually, I try really hard to avoid it at all costs, if possible. Mainly because I don't want to deal with crazy people yelling at me. 
  • Speaking of the subway, I've learned which lines are better than others. For example, I feel like lines F and R coming out of Brooklyn into Manhattan are peaceful and quiet. Lines going downtown on the 4 or 5 in the morning are guaranteed to have some crazy person yelling at you (my greatest annoyance now). And forget about sitting on the A,C, or E. 
  • I'm still enamored by the sheer amount of things to do here. I think I eat out a lot (and I definitely do to the demise of my health) but there's still a bajillion restaurants I need to try. I can never even come close to accomplishing my list.
  • I've met a lot of really cool, competent, interesting people. Almost everyone is guaranteed to be either super super cool or super super crazy. Or both!
  • There is so much cool sh*t to do - like Sleep No More! I'm still dreaming about it and want to go back.
  • New York makes you fall in love with cocktails. I've started to appreciate a well-made cocktail. People will wait 2 hours for an "excellent" cocktail and pay $30 for it. Including me. Crazy.
  • The city is hectic and stressful. I need to balance life with meditation/yoga/praying/watching movies/relaxing/reading books/going to the park. It's not just nice to have, its' NEED TO HAVE. Or else you might explode and start yelling at random people on the street. 
  • It can be super hard to exercise because I think just walking to the subway is exercising, especially since I walk super fast.
  • I can get a lot of stuff for cheap even though this is the city that charges you for breathing. Mani/pedis are $30 (for both combined), massages are $39 for 60 min, Chinese noodles soups can be $5 if you look hard enough, eyelash extensions are $20 cheaper here than anywhere else, transportation is relatively cheap at $2.75 per metro card swipe (unlimited distance). 
  • But I also pay a whopping tax to live here on top of crazy rents. I've seen ads for $1800 to sleep in a living room and chuckle a small lil chuckle.
  • Uber pool is $3 when no one wants to use it and $20 to go one block when even a few people want to use it.
  • Right when I even begin to think that I'm tired of New York and start cursing the city out, I pass by its skyline and am taken aback again by its sheer mesmerizing beauty. New York is like a lover I accept wholly, faults and all. I feel lucky to be here, grateful to have found my footsteps in a city so demanding, and happy for overcoming the struggles and challenges together with those around me.
  • I feel less alone in this city than I did in my hometown and it's because I'm surrounded by people whose values are aligned with mine and who go through the same things I go through. I also feel like people here just have greater empathy for others because life is hard here.
  • New York, to me, is a city of connection, even though at times it can feel like the loneliest city of them all.