DAVID TAI, Medical Student @ Mount Sinai



Hometown: Victoria, Texas
Years lived in the city: 1
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
School: Mount Sinai Medical School

David was in one of my first classes in college and we would eat lunch together (with his other friend V) three times a week. He’s currently attending Mount Sinai Medical School here, studying to be a neurologist. We did his photoshoot at the only H-Mart in Manhattan and he did a short little Q&A for me about New York.

When did you first visit New York?
I first came when I was a sophomore in college (20) by myself for an interview. I did not know I would move here during that visit, but I knew later that year that I would eventually move to NYC.

Why'd you move here?
I have grown up in Texas my whole life and wanted a change in state as well as a city. I really wanted to live in a huge city in my young 20s, so NYC seemed like a great choice.

Describe New York in two sentences.
NYC seems like a huge city, but in terms of space it is very dense. Everyone seems extremely busy and work/career orientated.

How long are you going to stay here?
I have been here for 1+ years. I cannot see myself raising a family here, as it always seems so busy. The latest I want to stay is late 30s, as it seems difficult to raise a family in the city.


Best thing about New York?
Delivery - of anything you want really. It's just so convenient and NYC has everything you'd ever want just a few blocks away.

What could be better?
I wished the city had outdoor patio space (like Texas), though I know that is rare/impossible on Manhattan. I love the diversity of food within walking distance (shout out to Elmhurst area).

What's something people get wrong about New York?
People say everyone in NYC is rude or too busy to help. This is absolutely false. I find there are a lot of people who provide help when you ask, and native New Yorkers seem to love to talk.  I was of the opinion that everyone would be rude - this turned out to be false.

However, Times Square is a terrible place and you should avoid it. I got this one right.

What's inspiring about the city?
People watching gives me inspiration to ponder about life. Sitting in Central Park or even the corner of the coffee shop  allows me to see such a diverse group of individuals.

Walk me through a typical day in the life of David:
I love to west coast swing dancing and go once a week in the city. Weekdays I usually study near my school, but on weekends I love to walk around and explore the city. Picking up photography gave me a great reason to walk around and photograph my adventures in the big Apple.